Tokens of affection.


Here at Conati Franceschetti, designing primarily means knowing you: understanding your personality, your moods, your requirements and your desires, in order to obtain a result that reflects all your expectations. Only by doing so can you enter a house that your recognise as your own. Your home.


We do not just create a unique and exclusive setting – we create your environment. We do not play with light and colour just to obtain stunning effects – we give them the essence of your personality. That is what “customisation” means to us. And, thanks to our top-of-the-range partners, we have what it takes to do it to perfection.


The ArredoLegno carpentry workshop of Conati and Franceschetti is a place where imagination, expertise and a careful use of artisan carving techniques come together with great artistic sensibility. The result is always stunning: each setting is a compendium of work done with discipline, talent and passion.


The moment of delivery is one of great expectation and curiosity. And we want the result to be exactly as we planned with you. We have always worked with real experts, who treat each item of interior decoration with care and respect, while scrupulously respecting every stage of transport and assembly.